Building Information Modeling


We are inspired by the benefits of Building Information Modelling (BIM)! We believe it is not only an intelligent model-based process but is THE way of working.

Hoch Bau Architecture has adopted a multi-pronged and flexible approach to BIM to enable us to satisfy the differing requirements of a variety of clients. We use a range of BIM enabled software for 2d documentation and 3d ‘information-rich’ modelling in order that we can select the appropriate package to best suit the project in hand, from concept through to completion.



Our BIM based strategies are adopted on every project. They allow us to provide a shared platform where the entire team can communicate, collaborate and contribute, by using the same core data. As drawings or documents are updated, the whole team is assured that they are working to the most recent revisions. This along with complete coordination of design work, and working with 3d data rich modeling, significantly reduces risk, saving time and money.

Hoch Bau assign the role of BIM Coordinator to each project to ensure project data is managed, edited and issued correctly. We carry out continual assessment of our internal work flows for all BIM projects in the studio and ensure that our output is at the right level using the latest software and standards.

Hoch Bau has adopted industry-standard procedures and established BIM protocols and best practice, according to BS1192:2007, PAS1192-2: 2013, AEC UK BIM Standards, CPI Code and Open BIM.

Hoch Bau uses?buildingSMART? principles?to create high-performance spaces that are more cost effective and faster to deliver to our clients

buildingSMART is an approach to design that leverages 3D modeling, concurrent analysis and integrated project delivery practices. BIM enables project teams to collaborate on virtual models, test ideas, optimize building performance and coordinate work before beginning procurement or construction.